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Congratulations To Our 2020 Benchmark Provider Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our Benchmark Hospitalists Spotlight of the Quarter is Dr. Dana Tiganu! Dr. Dana Tiganu has worked in various hospitalist programs over the past 15 years, currently residing as our Director at Methodist Hospital of Southern California where she has taken on various leadership and committee roles. Dr. Tiganu has strived to improve all aspects of the program, from implementing a unit-based hospitalist program to integrating bedside daily multidisciplinary rounds to making a trilingual hospitalist brochure for increased literacy. Her work on a range of committees and projects have led to a larger leadership role for the hospitalist program as a major "decision-maker" in the quality of care for patients.

Dr. Tiganu attended medical school in Romania, where she was born, before continuing to the United States for her residency at North Shore Hospital and Mass General in Boston. Dr. Tiganu was offered her first hospitalist position after moving to New York, where she found that she enjoyed being in the middle of the action, taking care of acutely sick patients and having the opportunity to be a part of their recovery. She was awarded the certificate of achievement for ‘Perfect Care’ in 2009 and has been with hospitalist programs since.

Her favorite memories with Benchmark are the holiday parties, she says. "I can’t wait to go there to see everyone, to take pictures, and to say thank you for being there for my team." Outside of the hospital, Dr. Tiganu loves opera music, traveling, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures. She has been married for 28 years and enjoys spending time with her two nieces and nephew.

Dr. Dana Tiganu

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