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Congratulations To Our 2020 Benchmark Provider Spotlight of the Quarter!

Meet Dr. Jigar Kadakia, Benchmark’s Director Spotlight of the Quarter! Dr. Kadakia works at Good Samaritan Hospital as the Hospitalist Medical Director and has been part of the Benchmark family since 2015.

Med School: Medical University of Lublin, Poland
Residency: - Summa Barberton Hospital - Family Residency Program

When asked about what a typical day as a director is like, Dr. Kadakia had this to say: “Being a Director isn’t easy, having to balance your life, patients, and team. It’s painfully hard to say "No" or "I can’t do it.” You don't want to disappoint anyone, but you also don't want to give false promises. It's a lesson not easily learned and one a lot of people struggle to accept. The position requires a lot mentally, physically, and most of all, emotionally. It's easy to feel lost, and sometimes you want to quit. But when you are able to bond with your team members and to see the success they achieve, it’s strong motivation to continue to strive for better.”    

One of the biggest challenges Dr. Kadakia faces is burnout because long hours take a physical and mental toll. To cope with rough days, he leaves his feelings at the door to avoid letting the outside world negatively affect his ability to manage patients. He treats each new day as a fresh start. The best advice he has to offer new doctors is “Medicine is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Pacing oneself is the key to success.”  

In his off-time, Dr. Kadkia can be found enjoying Disneyland, playing basketball, or doing puzzles. He also loves watching sports, going to see movies, and spending time with family. The person he looks up to the most is his mother: “My mother is my superhero. She took care of my brother and me by herself and has shown me that anything is possible. Every time I feel defeated and overwhelmed, I consider what my mom had to do to ensure we were provided for. She inspires me to continue.”

About Benchmark Hospitalists
For over ten years, Benchmark’s focus on clinical excellence and in-depth experience in all aspects of hospital management and staffing allow for the creation of unique Hospitalist solutions for each client. With over 150 providers consistently achieving and exceeding industry standards, Benchmark’s proprietary approach spans ten onsite programs in nine hospitals. Benchmark provides a comprehensive care management toolkit matched with superior onsite leadership to ensure collaborative, coordinated and streamlined treatment of patients. Benchmark has a proven track record of improving key performance and satisfaction indicators and demonstrating a significant ROI on its programs.

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