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Congratulations To Our 2021 Benchmark Provider Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our BH Provider Spotlight of the Quarter is Dr. Daniel Dea!

Med School: University of Chicago - MD
Residency: UCLA - San Fernando Program - Internal Medicine Residency
Residency: UCLA - Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship

Dr. Daniel Dea has been with Benchmark Hospitalists for the past 7 years. He has practiced Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care in Burbank, California for the last 28 years.

Dr. Dea says he always felt medicine was the most noble of professions and was the first of his family to become a doctor. As a hospitalist, he likes the excitement and challenge: "it’s never boring and is always presenting new things for me to try to tackle."

He recalls once helping a politician who got sick on a plane from sepsis. After the plane made an emergency landing, they were brought to Dr. Dea's hospital and were critically ill. Under his care, they were able to walk out of the hospital fully recovered. More recently, Dr. Dea cared for “Patient Zero” (the first patient) with COVID at his hospital. The patient was very critical, but after a long stay, made a full recovery. There was a big celebration, and news sources interviewed Dr. Dea. "When I care for my patients, I care for them the way I would want myself or my family to be cared for," he says.

Outside of work, Dr. Dea enjoys fine dining, fine wine, sports, traveling/sightseeing, and spending quality time with his wife and two sons.

Dr. John Hart

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